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2022 Ohio Energy Conference

Please join us for the 2nd Annual Ohio Energy Conference, now in-person at Quest Conference Center!



Around the Meter

The Around the Meter track will feature topics that will take you both behind and in front of the meter. Learn best practices for on and off site energy procurement, as well as hear from experts on subjects such as emerging grid-interactive technologies, on-site renewables, carbon lock-in, and more.

Policy and Regulatory

Ohio’s energy policy landscape is constantly shifting. The Policy and Regulatory track will cue you into upcoming policy in the state government, as well as energy decisions being made at the federal level. Policy leaders will take a deep dive into how previous, current, and future regulations may impact the energy industry.

Management and Strategy

Successful leaders in energy management and strategy will share their knowledge on how to set efficiency goals, track progress, and report results. Elevate your organization’s energy management by learning about cutting edge techniques in areas such as climate goal setting and performance contracting.

Nov 15th & 16th




Project Gallery

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