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We are leaders in Ohio’s energy industry who are seeking a more equitable distribution of information on renewable and clean energy, energy efficiency, and electrification

The Energy Coalition of Ohio was established to facilitate an open conversation about diverse energy streams that are accessible to businesses and organizations of all sizes. By taking collective action to educate small and midsize consumers on how to transition to renewable energy sources, we will realize the massive economic opportunity of renewable energy in Ohio, and achieve the clean future that our children and our communities deserve.

Driven by our passion to build a sustainable future and by our industry knowledge of renewable energy, we have the bandwidth to reshape the energy discussion in Ohio to include more consumers than just large corporations. 

Some of us are CEOs, some of us are project managers, and some of us are non-profit leaders. But what we all have in common is that we are dedicated to making clean energy resources accessible to everyone.

Solar Panel
Steering Committee Members
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