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 Opening up the energy 
 conversation in Ohio 

Educating consumers about diverse energy sources, communicating best practices regarding energy purchasing across organizations large and small, and organizing events and conversation, to strengthen Ohio’s energy community. 


Watch premium content from the 2022 conference

Watch your favorite panels from Ohio's Energy Industry leaders at our 2022 Conference.


Register for the 2023 Ohio Energy Conference

This years conference will be larger, more diverse, and wide-reaching than ever before.



"The truth is that the conversation surrounding renewable energy is not open to everyone. In today’s energy market, no conversation could be more important for growing businesses."

- Scott White, IGS Energy

The transition to clean energy should be more exciting than daunting for our state’s political and business leadership. Together, we can realize the vision of Ohio as a sustainable energy leader and achieve the clean future that our children and our communities deserve.


For more information about the Energy

Coalition of Ohio, please email us. 


We look forward to getting in touch with you or your organization.

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